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I had been trying to get a job for over 3 years with no success. In 2010 I had started my Cert 3 in Aged care with another provider but found it very in depth and felt as if I needed a uni degree just to understand what they were asking. Sureway then offered a course "Get into Aged Care" I was lucky enough to get a place in this week long training. I couldn’t wait to start the course and I found it very enjoyable. We met at Saint Marys Aged care facility in Dubbo every Thursday. Our Trainer was fantasic!! She was so engaging and you could really tell that she was passionate about what she was teaching us and better yet she explained everything to us so we understood it. The course consisted of 9 weeks of on the job training. We didn’t get paid for any work that we completed. I was placed at Bellhaven in Wellington for the duration of my training and I learnt alot about high care and keeping to a time schedule. Throughout the course my Trainer was always available, at anytime. I could contact her via email, phone or text messaging. At the end of my training was when my life changed for the better.

Debra Wells, the General Manager of Maranatha House also had some input into my course as a Trainer and she asked me to come and work at Maranatha House. I started off on the floor in the 'West Wing' our special care unit. Within 4 months I was a Team Leader then 2 months after that I was promoted to the ACFI Coordinator. After 10 months employment I was then asked to take on the position of team/admission coordinator  and personal assistant to the general manager. In November 2011 I was asked to speak at the national CSHISC conference along side Judy Van Der Vegt (Sureway) in Brisbane. This was very exciting and scary at the same time!

In May 2012 I was nominated by Debra Wells in the HESTA competition for the chance to attend the NSW ACAA Congress in Sydney, I won the competition and was awarded Aged Care Employee of the year for my contribution and hard work in the industry. I have just completed my Cert 4 in Frontline Management and I am now looking forward to commencing my Cert 4 in Aged Care starting in August 2012. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Sureway Skills Training! In less then 2 years I’ve been able to accomplish more then I every dreamed possible. I would strongly recommend Sureway Skills Training to anyone looking to gain more skills - it could be the beginning of the rest of your life, just like it was for me!   


Jasmin Morison

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28 years old

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