Work for the Dole information for job seekers

Work for the Dole is part of the Australian Government's new jobactive employment service.It is a work experience programme designed to help you gain new skills while looking for work. During Work for the Dole, you will undertake work-like activities at a host organisation or as part of a community based project. You will continue to recieve income support and assistance from your jobactive provider during Work for the Dole. Eligibility  You will be required to participate in Work for the ...

Work for the Dole information for Hosts

What is Work for the Dole? Work for the Dole provides eligible clients with the opportunity to learn new skills, improve or enhance their communication and assists them in returning to the workforce. Sureway will be working together with other jobactive providers to ensure Work for the Dole is a positive experience for your organisation and our clients. This experience, thanks to you, will assist our clients in unlocking their full potential and lead to their ongoing success. Benefits for y...

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