Work for the Dole information for Hosts

What is Work for the Dole?

Work for the Dole provides eligible clients with the opportunity to learn new skills, improve or enhance their communication and assists them in returning to the workforce. Sureway will be working together with other jobactive providers to ensure Work for the Dole is a positive experience for your organisation and our clients. This experience, thanks to you, will assist our clients in unlocking their full potential and lead to their ongoing success.

Benefits for your organisation

Work for the Dole not only benefits our clients but offers your organisation and the community the opportunity to undertake an activity which previously may not have been possible due to the lack of resources. Your organisation may receive some assistance from the jobactive provider if there is a cost directly attributable towards hosting a Work for the Dole activity.


There are a range of activities the client may participate in, some include:

  • cultural diversity projects and/or events,
  • customer services,
  • maintenance of vehicles and buildings,
  • office or retail work, and
  • a variety of other activities.

Sureway will assist your organisation in developing a program suitable to your organisation’s needs. We are willing to meet with you to discuss your requirements.

Want to know more about how Work for the Dole can benefit your organisation? Watch this video or find out more here.

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