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Sometimes called referees, most job applications will request that you provide references. Whether or not the job ad specifically calls for references, you should always aim to include contact details for 1-2 when applying for jobs.


While job references are ideal, the good news is you don’t have to have employment experience to build a great list.


Here are our top 5 people to consider as your referees:


  1. An Employer or Manager

A current or previous boss will be able to provide your future employer insight into your work ethic and ability to complete set tasks.


  1. A Co-worker

There may be reasons why you don’t want to list your boss, for example, you may not want your current Manager to know you are applying for new jobs. In this case, a colleague that you have worked alongside is another excellent choice. They will be able to vouch for things like how you worked as part of their team.


  1. Your Activity Supervisor

‘I don’t have any employment experience!’ I hear you say. Have you volunteered for a community group? Participated in a Work for the Dole activity? Completed a work experience placement? Consider adding your supervisor or team leader to the list who can attest to your commitment and enthusiasm.


  1. A Teacher

Similar to the above example, a teacher is another great choice when you have limited employment references. Your Trainer will be able to endorse the skills that you learned throughout the course, as well as your soft skills such as being on time and communicating with the group.


  1. Personal references

Consider people that you know from sporting groups, long-time friends or other professional services that may be able to advocate for your good character. You may like to consider asking these contacts to provide a written character reference.


The most important component in selecting references is to not only be sure that they will be able to say positive things about you, but that they are kept in the loop about when to expect a call.

Be sure to touch base with your referees regularly to let them know that you are applying for work.


Need more help? Chat to your local Employment Consultants about the best choices for your next job application.


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