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Spiderman YP/MN, Kadina SA

When Kym Hall from Spiderman YP/MN approached Sureway in Kadina to discuss an employment opportunity for a young person in the Pest Control industry, the Kadina team didn’t hesitate.

Twenty-one-year-old Kayla, also a carer for her younger sister, had been seeking suitable employment since finishing high school, hoping to land her dream job in an outdoors industry. In what is usually a male-dominated industry, Kym was just seeking someone with the right attitude to work and Kayla showed great enthusiasm for the pest control trade.


‘I would usually employ contractors, but after speaking with Sureway I can see the overall benefit for both my business and the general community in creating jobs for young locals,’ Kym said.

Article 2 Edition 94 Path Program Wins in Kadina

ERC Penny Lyon provided Kym with the range of government programs and incentives available, including the Youth Jobs PaTH program, an Australian Government initiative designed to support young job seekers in gaining the skills and experience they need for work.


With the assistance of the jobactive Employment Fund, the Kadina team equipped Kayla with the personal protective equipment and work-related licensing required for the first day of her internship.


Over the 8-week internship, Penny observed Kym go above-and-beyond by helping Kayla understand the world of pest control through on-the-job training and attending industry road shows. ‘Kym even took time after hours to help Kayla complete her learner driving hours so that she could gain her Probationary Licence, which she now holds,’ she said. It’s very rewarding to see.’


Kym said the program was excellent for both his business and Kayla as it allowed him to provide a young person with on-the-job training and insights into the industry. ‘It also gives them a look at real life employment situations and expectations,’ he said.


For Kayla, the internship was a great opportunity, as it gave her a gateway into the industry that she may not have otherwise had and she received a great deal of support from Penny and her new employer. Kayla said she would highly recommend the PaTH Internship program to any young person interested in pursuing a career.


‘If they apply themselves, be committed, they will put themselves in a position to gain long-term employment,’ she said.

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Sureway commenced operations as a training provider in 1991. We worked with business and industry to upskill their staff. This opportunity gave us insight into what skillsets employers were seeking from their employees. read more...

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Sureway commenced operations as a training provider in 1991.

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Sureway commenced operations as a training provider in 1991.

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