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Melissa, Kiosk in Adelaide Hospital

Melissa has been a client with Sureway, since July 2011. Initially Melissa was struggling quite severely with personal issues and it was impacting quite harshly with her bi-polar disorder. Due to all this Melissa had moved to the stage where she had severe issues with leaving the comfort of her house. At the height of all of this Melissa was seeing a JSA provider who informed her that they could not help her anymore and as a result she was transferred through to Sureway’s Disability Employment Services.

As soon as Melissa came to Sureway she was referred to personal consultant. Slowly Melissa worked with her consultant and soon, getting on the bus to come to the offices became much easier whereas in the beginning it was a massive struggle. Together, our consultant and Melissa worked on housing issues, parenting issues, developing social interactions and increasing Melissa’s self esteem so that she saw herself as a valued person.

To help Melissa with her next goal of paid employment she was referred to our specialist consultant who discovered that Melissa used to work within the hospitality industry and enjoyed this industry. Melissa was assisted in barista training and some work experience was organised at the local hospital in the Kiosk. Melissa loved this job and her personality flourished. Melissa had been volunteering at the hospital for a short time and they appointed her the volunteer supervisor! Within 6 months of volunteering at the kiosk they offered Melissa paid employment. Melissa has now been working in paid employment at the Hospital Kiosk for three months and is very happy there.

ELYSIA, 27 – Footprints Day Care

I had been unemployed for about 6 months. Sureway helped me research for jobs that interested me, helped me build a resume, purchased some work clothes and introduced me to some valuable interview skills. Sureway helped me get my new job at ‘Footprints’ Day Care (a child care centre) where I have been working for the last 7 months and I love it! Sureway still keep in touch and they supported me as I settled into my new work environment.

JACK, 20 – Lake Village Auto Parts

I am so grateful to Sureway for never giving up on me.

I was originally going to go to TAFE and complete my HSC that Sureway had financed for me. Then before I got a chance to start, Sureway found me my dream job! I have had a couple of other short term jobs that’s Sureway helped me get, but when I got the apprenticeship that I had always wanted …I haven’t looked back!

Sureway have helped me believe in myself, helped me with my resume, put me in contact with employers and gave me financial assistance with my education and work clothes. I have always wanted to work with cars and now I can …everyday!

Kate – JD’s Juice and Sandwich Bar

Thanks to Sureway for assisting me in getting a job with JD’s Juice and Sandwich Bar. I have been holding my position for over 14 months, moving up the ranks to become an assistant manager. This experience will help me for future job applications and improve my personal skills in the business industry. I now have full confidence within myself to achieve anything I apply myself to.

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Sureway commenced operations as a training provider in 1991. We worked with business and industry to upskill their staff. This opportunity gave us insight into what skillsets employers were seeking from their employees. read more...

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Sureway commenced operations as a training provider in 1991.

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