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By registering with Sureway you will be provided with tailored employment assistance that is personal and suited to your individual needs.


At Sureway, we seek to understand your needs and provide you with the best opportunity to find employment. 

We provide an individualised experience to all Disability Employment Services’ clients that focuses on assisting you to find and maintain employment.

We understand that finding, applying and starting a job can be a daunting task.  That is why Sureway will help you every step of the way by offering you comprehensive one-on-one support.  Our services include assistance with applications, resumes, and interview techniques; work preparation courses tailored to the jobs you want and assistance in developing job search strategies.

Your personal Employment Advisor can also connect you with support agencies and other local services.


Changing lives, building stronger communities


Our employment services include:

  • one-on-one assistance
  • assessing your skills, goals and personal aspirations
  • developing a comprehensive plan that will assist you to reach your goals
  • providing you with the skills and training to help you achieve the job you want
  • helping you with resumes, application letters and interview techniques
  • assistance to address personal issues that may be impacting on your life
  • assisting you to access work experience
  • referring you to job interviews and
  • providing ongoing assistance and support once you are in a job.


You can expect:

  • A personalised plan that puts you in control of your employment goals and aspirations
  • A Work Active Program that lets you decide on the activities that matter most to you while looking for employment
  • A Work Active Portal that provides the latest information on jobs in your local area, training and employment news 24/7
  • A Personal Profile Package that highlights your skills, abilities and personality to employers
  • Individualised support to maintain work and develop your career


Need more skills?

If you are struggling to enter the workforce and need additional skills to get the job you want, Sureway can provide you with the right training. Our services include access to:

  • Career Pathway Training (eg. motivation & communication skills, interview preparation.)
  • Get Into programs that are short courses designed to introduce you to specific jobs and industry areas (retail, hospitality etc.)
  • Workplace Preparation courses
  • Nationally Accredited Training


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Sureway commenced operations as a training provider in 1991. We worked with business and industry to upskill their staff. This opportunity gave us insight into what skillsets employers were seeking from their employees. read more...

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Sureway commenced operations as a training provider in 1991.

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Sureway commenced operations as a training provider in 1991.

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