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Are you looking to hire new staff? Sureway is a Workforce Australia Employment Services provider and has the resources to support your business growth. We will take care of the end-to-end employment process at no cost to you and you could be eligible for a wage subsidy when you hire through us.

About Workforce Australia

Workforce Australia is an employment services program that connects Australian job seekers with businesses and training and employment opportunities. Workforce Australia is the main employment services program for Australian job seekers who are currently receiving income support.

For any recruitment needs, employers and hiring managers can connect with a reputable Workforce Australia provider like Sureway with no cost. We work closely with every employer to find the right skills and the right candidate for your workplace.

For employment needs, job seekers approach Sureway for assistance in finding a sustainable job that they are passionate about. Sureway can also deliver training support to help them develop the skills required to be relevant in today’s industries.

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Receive Wage Subsidies

The Australian Government provide a range of programs and supports that not only help people get back into sustainable work but assist businesses to generate these employment opportunities for their local community. 

Financial incentives such as wage subsidies are available to businesses who hire and retain eligible job seekers, in full-time, part-time or casual positions, provided the employer meets the terms and conditions within a Wage Subsidy Agreement agreed with Sureway.

You may be eligible for a wage subsidy if you meet the following criteria: 

  • You have an Australian Business Number 
  • You have not previously received a wage subsidy for the same person 
  • You are not an Australian, state or territory government agency 
  • The person you hire meets the eligibility requirements for the wage subsidy 
  • The position you offer is sustainable and ongoing employment
  • The work complies with employment standards for the position (for example, is suitable work and pays as a minimum the national award wage)
  • The person you hire is a new employee that you have never previously employed
  • Comply with relevant laws, including but not limited to work health and safety legislation
  • Provide a safe system of work for the new employee at all times


Some jobs are not eligible for a wage subsidy, including: 

  • Work that displaces an existing employee 
  • Positions that aren’t paid at a fixed rate such as commission-based, subcontracting or self-employment positions 
  • Work for an immediate family member
  • Those receiving support through another Australian Government wage subsidy

Note – the requirements for wage subsidies are determined by the Australian Government and are subject to change. You can learn more here

Placement Details

Employment must comply with National Employment Standards. Jobs can be full time, part time or casual. Apprenticeships and traineeships are also eligible to attract a Wage Subsidy. 

Paid work trials can form part of a wage subsidy agreement, excluding those funded by the Employment Fund. Employers who decide to hire an individual who has completed a National Work Experience Programme, may also be eligible for a wage subsidy.

Sureway has wide experience in helping employers access the most relevant and beneficial financial incentives from the Government. Feel free to visit us at an office near you to discuss any questions you may have and receive up-to-date information of current programs and opportunities. 


Sureway assists with the end-to-end recruitment services.  We will provide you with a range of employment options specific to your business needs.  For example, we provide assistance to access wage subsidies and other incentives; assist with licensing, training and pre-employment checks as well as work with you to develop an employment support plan.  

In the first instance, Sureway screens potential candidates that would fit your vacancy requirements.  After this, we forward the resumes to your business for a second screening. Once you have decided on a shortlist we can assist with interviews if required.

Sureway can facilitate interviews and shortlist work-ready candidates. You may wish to conduct interviews as per your standard workplace procedure, or if you prefer Sureway can assist you with communication to the candidates.  Speak to our friendly staff if you would like to utilise our local facilities to conduct interviews.

Wage subsidies are determined on a case-by-case basis. Sureway representatives provide face-to-face meetings to explain the requirements, consider your options and go through the terms and conditions.


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Sureway commenced operations as a training provider in 1991. We worked with business and industry to upskill their staff. This opportunity gave us insight into what skillsets employers were seeking from their employees. read more...

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