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If You Are Looking for a Job, You Are in The Right Place!

Sureway deliver employment services to help support you in finding work in an area you are passionate about. We are a leading Government contractor and provider of Workforce Australia and Disability Employment Services (DES) programs.

If you are looking for work and would like assistance, we have a dedicated team of people who can put you on the path to finding your perfect job! Also, if you have an injury, illness or disability, we have dedicated support services to help. We have locations across NSW, SA, and VIC and have a HUGE database of employers who are actively looking to hire new staff.


When you register with Sureway, you will receive quality employment assistance that is designed to fit your individual needs. We aim to understand your immediate circumstances and we are committed to work hand-in-hand with you and support you on this journey. Your success matters to us. 


Contact our friendly team today for a no-obligation, confidential chat about how we can help you.

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How We Can Help You

By registering with Sureway you will be provided with tailored employment assistance that is personal and suited to your individual needs. We will partner with you and support you to achieve success.

We will work in partnership with you to:

  • Establish employment goals
  • Develop an employment plan
  • Provide you with opportunities to train and develop your skills
  • Help you with resumes, application letters and interview techniques
  • Link your skills with employment opportunities
  • Refer you to job interviews
  • Address personal issues through counseling and aligning them with your goals
  • Assist you to access work experience
  • Connect you to the best companies for a job interview
  • Provide ongoing assistance and support once you acquire a job

Need More Skills?

If you are struggling to enter the workforce and need additional skills to get the job you want, Sureway can provide you with the right training. Our services include access to:

  • Career Pathway Training (e.g. motivation & communication skills, interview preparation.)
  • Short courses designed to introduce you to specific jobs and industry areas (retail, hospitality, etc.)
  • Workplace Preparation courses
  • Nationally Accredited Training
Hospitality Traiining

Disability Employment Services

Sureway provides Disability Employment Services in areas of NSW, VIC and SA. We support and assist people with a disability to move into paid employment and remain in the job. We also assist and support those with a disability who already have a job but are in jeopardy of losing it.

Need More Support?

Sureway understands that for some people, their personal circumstances may be holding them back. To help you overcome your personal barriers, our experienced Employment Consultants will assist you by providing additional expertise, resources and programs. Call us at 1300 SUREWAY (1300 787 392) or simply fill out the form below.

Choose which service is right for you

If you are looking for work and would like assistance, we have a dedicated team of people who can put you on the path to finding your perfect job! See what services are right for you and let us support you into work.

Employment Services

Let us support you into work and help you find suitable and sustainable employment. As a Workforce Australia Employment Services provider, we help connect you with businesses and training and employment opportunities. Workforce Australia Employment Services is the main employment services program for Australian job seekers who are currently receiving income support.


Transition to Work

Aged between 15 and 24? Achieve your goals with Sureway in our Transition to Work (TtW) program. TtW is an Australian Government initiative to assist young people into work or education, including apprenticeships and training.

Career Transition Assistance

Career Transition Assistance (CTA) is an Australian Government initiative to assist mature age job seekers build skills and confidence to become more competitive in the modern labour market. Find out more about our CTA program, which helps grow your skills and give you the confidence you need to find meaningful employment.

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Find a Job through DES

If you have an injury, disability or health condition, we can help you find and keep a job. At Sureway, we seek to understand your needs and provide you with the best opportunity to find employment.

Work Assist

Work Assist helps the employed who are going through an illness, injury or disability be empowered to keep their job. Services Australia provides the solution for these unfortunate work interruptions.


Centrelink Employment Support

Centrelink is a platform provided by Services Australia that supports people with payments and services at times of major change.

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Sureway commenced operations as a training provider in 1991. We worked with business and industry to upskill their staff. This opportunity gave us insight into what skillsets employers were seeking from their employees. read more...

Changing Lives, Building Stronger Communities since 1991.

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Sureway commenced operations as a training provider in 1991.

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