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SECURITY ALERT: Fake Facebook Account

Sureway has identified a fake Facebook account that is attempting to clone our business on social media. The fake account displays the name “Sureway Employment”.

We have received notification this fake account ‘Sureway Employment’ has directly messaged followers

  • requesting personal details, including date of birth
  • requesting details of potential WhatsApp account
  • sending job vacancy advertisements for mystery shopper positions

Please discourage all clients from communicating with ‘Sureway Employment’ and direct them to the correct Sureway Employment and Training Facebook page. Sureway Employment and Training Pty Ltd will never request personal or financial details through social media platforms

We will continue to actively publish a “False Facebook Account Detected” notification on our social media platforms to advise our clients. To support awareness, we encourage all our staff to help us spread the message by liking and sharing our post.

As a general reminder;

  • DO NOT respond to any messages, click any links, or accept friend requests from the false ‘Sureway Employment’, account.
  • REPORT any false accounts.

Our Information Technology Team are working with Facebook directly to have the fake account disabled.

For further questions or any assistance please contact [email protected] or [email protected].

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